Noodle Boxes

Our Noodle Boxes are perfect for hot or cold meals. Whether they are greasy or dry food products, these easy to fill, leakproof boxes will fit your needs . They are extremely easy to store and tightly nest together so they reduce shelf space. Best of all, it is a one piece folding box so there are no loose or lost lids.


- Full colour CMYK print -
- Food safe inks used -
- Can be custom printed up to 6 spot colours -
- Paperboard used is food grade with food grade polyethylene (PE) lamination both inside and out -

8oz SW 3.png


Provides an excellent space for promoting your brand due to their large, smooth print area.
Packed in sleeves for easy storage, and stack well to reduce space.
The interior and exterior PE coatings give a perfectly leak proof and grease resistant box. 

Recyclable via correct facilities

8oz SW 2.png


Best suited for Noodle Dishes, Pasta Dishes, Chips, Layered Salads, Confectionary

Minimum Print Run - 10,000
Xpress Run - N/A