The re-Eco™ Cup has arrived! Our Fully Recyclable Paper Cups...

A reEco™ cup is made the way a paper cup should have been made from the start. As a result, the reEco™ cup can be easily repulped into recycled paper using existing paper recycling equipment.

The reCup uses a revolutionary interior lining called EarthCoating rather than traditional PE or PLA . This coating is made using a blend of Calcium Carbonate which fragments away from the paperboard into small particles which can be easily separated during the standard recycling process. This means they can be processed alongside standard paper recycling as if there wasn't even a coating on them.

reCup paper cups can be printed in full color or process inks that are all specialized to be food safe and odorless and we also use the highest resolution we can to make the images on your personalized paper cup appear professional, flawless and a display of the highest quality that your business can be proud of.

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